Frontyard Fairies

Front Yard Fairies is a grassroots (pardon the pun) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our bee population, the full utilization of our planting spaces, and the elimination of wasteful garden materials.

Everyday we walk out into our world and to our good fortune the earth presents its glory for us to view and breathe in. I have always loved to putter about in my garden space. It calms me and fills my restless soul with scenes of uncommon beauty. Imagine my surprise when I listened to a lecture on the demise of bees worldwide. Any of my students could have told me this because of course they had seen “The Bee Movie”. Do you have any idea what these furry flying machines do for us? They are the James Browns ( hardest working man) of the garden world. I personally do not look good in black and yellow stripes, nor do I have enough Q-tips to pollinate all the plants that need bee help. I think the bees need our care and protection as we are intricately intertwined with one another. I love to eat, they love to pollinate, it sounds like a relationship made in heaven on earth. So, join the movement and become a frontyard fairy.


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