The movement

So, what can you do to help save the planet?  Plant!  Bees love blossoms.  They want to work for us.  What is the worst that could happen?  Too much honey.  I think we could all live with this minor inconvenience.  Bees and butterflies love to frolic where flowers abound.  Plant some more bee-licious flowers in your frontyard.

If you are not a fan of grass then welcome to  the infinite possibility of incorporating fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals into your landscape. Food plantings need not be regulated to the back forty.  A tomato tucked into a pot near the front door can be attractive as well as delicious.

Once you realize that some plants serve double duty, then you can look at your homestead with new eyes.  Plant things you would love to eat.  If your harvest becomes too bountiful, I’m sure that neighbor, friends, and community food banks would love some of your contributions.

Planting on a small scale is something you can do to help our planet sustain ourselves.  BZZZ Up, and become a Frontyard Fairy!

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