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A Salute to Mothers








My garden season continues to amaze me with old friends returning and fresh perspectives of what should and could be added. On this Mother’s Day weekend I reflect on the similarities of Mothering a garden and the lessons my children have taught me.

One of the things I  have learned is patience. Some times a new path or idea needs time to develop into something fabulous. Children always surprise you with their interests and desires. Currently my son plays in a rock band (who knew?) and is becoming a wonderful musician.I tried something new by removing much of the beloved grass from my front yard and I am now loving the five minute grass cutting. Both living with a rockstar and living with less grass  were unexpected and delightful.

I  have become more patient with myself  when some thing goes horribly wrong ( goodbye, Passion flower vine) and sorry about the inherited allergies kids!

I have learned loyalty. Often I plant something and it appears not to bear fruit, very much like aspects of motherhood. But, given time and constant care, unexpected and delightful results appear. Sunflowers and Zinnias left to their own devices, took a nap and appeared this ear. The Camellia that masqueraded as a troublesome trash tree, often made me question whether I should remove it continually for three years. It’s coming out party this spring was spectacular and I was overjoyed that I had not composted it. When raising my kids I taught them to be fiscally responsible  and now they are so competent about their money

I have learned true intimacy. When I am in my garden I am reminded of all of the time spent raising children. I believe the reason we feel so attached to our children is the years of actively caring and inspecting every crevice on their little bodies. The sweet warmth of their bodies as we stroke their starfish hands or little pea toes is so wonderful.  As they grow we peer at them so closely always inspecting.  We wonder: are they happy, have they eaten, have they had their vitamins? It never ends for mothers and neither does it end for gardeners. Shall I remove this weed, wouldn’t this plant be  so much happier in the shade, how does this flower bloom so beautifully? This continual interchange is addictive and intoxicating.  The conversation goes on and on.

I am hooked. Happy Mother’s Day!

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