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My Grass Relocation Program


Don’t get me wrong about grass.  Grass is a wonderful plant that helps with the feeding of livestock, the erosion of land, and all that distribution of CO2.  I just happen to favor long grass.  The type that waves in the breeze (without the homeowner association knocking on your door) and sometimes sprouting many adorable thistles.
So the only thing worse than an unemployed teacher is a crafty teacher with a lot of time on her hands this summer.  Due to the generous funding of my sweetie I have laid our the skeleton of my front yard oasis (for bees and butterflies) and now my attention has turned to my grass relocation program.  I have several sweeps of monkey grass that outline my gardens.  I love combing them with my rake.  Since I want to incorporate some vegetables and herbs into my front yard, I will have to shift some grass.  Never fear I will find it a nice home.  I am thinking of using it to edge my sidewalk near the street.  I think it will be easier on our cars(I’m not naming names).
I am hesitant to it now due to my travel plans.  I really want to baby it through it’s transition.  Well, off to the garden and happy planting to you.

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